House Calls

House Calls Started This Year

House calls are meant for patients who are temporarily or permanently home bound, or for other good reasons can't make it into the office.

To schedule a house call: Tel (203) 853-1919; email


What's special about us? We are a relatively small, integrated facility providing health services individually tailored to meet your needs.  Our providers have a common goal: Treat potential problems before they arise, and minimize your need for medication and hospitalization.

Our services include:

  • Internal medicine. Full range of internal medicine services, with particular attention to the identification of health risk factors, and taking the necessary steps to minimize these risks.
  • Pulmonary medicine. Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic lung conditions, with special attention to shortness of breath, COPD, effects of smoking, asthma and interstitial lung disease. We have an in-house modern lung function testing lab, that does testing usually available only in a hospital setting.
  • Weight loss. We take weight management seriously, and consider overweight to be a chronic condition. Treatment is individualized to you needs and is based on physical findings, lab studies, and specialty studies such as measurement of body fat content and actual measurement of daily caloric expenditure. All weight loss programs are medically supervised. 

Our staff is trained to meet your special needs, and the atmosphere in our office is relaxed. Many of our patients tell us they feel like they are part of our extended family.  
Get in touch now: (203) 853-1919

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