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Monday, September 8, 2014

More Health Pearls: Appetite control, Testosterone, Vitamin D

  • Curb your appetite.  Almonds are a great snack, providing proteins, the right type of fats and, above all, a lot of antioxidants. Eating a few almonds as you become hungry between meals will help you curb your appetite and, in doing so, help you control your weight and provide excellent nutritional value. An ounce a day (or a little more) will help a lot.

  • Men, are you taking testosterone? Beware of the low testosterone hype. Don’t take testosterone unless your need for it is evaluated, and then prescribed by a physician authorized to prescribe it (testosterone is a controlled drug). Taking testosterone unnecessarily, or taking too much of it, carries with it serious health risks such as premature heart attacks and prostate cancer.

  • Vitamin D. Vitamn D, “the sunshine vitamin” plays an important role in a large variety of metabolic processes. It regulates the amount of calcium and phosphorous in the body, may improve balance and muscle strength in older adults. A low vitamin level is now considered a risk for increased heart disease and diabetes (especially in overweight people). It has a tendency to lower body inflammation, a desirable property. It’s important to make sure that your vitamin D level is not too low, even in the summer, when vitamin levels are higher. It’s a simple blood test; if your level is too low, it’s usually corrected with over-the-counter supplements.

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