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Monday, January 17, 2011

This will help you lose weight and remain thinner

Many of you have been aware of our weight loss programs at our practice for years. At home, Sandy and I find it helpful to control our breakfast calorie intake by using HMR shakes. We prefer the HMR 70 vanilla mix. Try it if you wish. This is how we use it:

1 packet of HMR 70 vanilla mix
1 glass filled ½ with crushed ice & ½ with water
1 tsp Hershey’s powdered cocoa (sugar-free)
Place HMR packet in bottom of blender.
Then add ice, water and cocoa and blend.

Optional additions:
½ banana or,
½ cup berries
extracts (calorie free)

Add to partially-blended shake and blend again for an additional minute.


HMR 70 110 calories
Banana/berries 50 calories (approx)
Hersheys cocoa 5 calories

Total 165 calories (approx)

You may use 1 ½ to 2 packets of HMR, but remember to count your calories. You may experiment with other fruits and extracts to create a special shake for yourself.

Share your experience with us. Selected recipes will be published with full credits (and 6 free packets of the mix with your next order of HMR shakes).

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