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House calls are meant for patients who are temporarily or permanently home bound, or for other good reasons can't make it into the office.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do you have COPD?

If you develop shortness of breath faster than you should, you cough frequently, and are also a smoker, you may indeed have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary (Lung) Disease, or COPD. The term COPD refers mainly to chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema. More than 80% of COPD is caused by cigarette smoking, with the remainder caused by genetic factors (alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency), industrial exposure (e.g., coal mining) and questionably air pollution.

COPD is a progressive disease, responsible for an enormous strain on the national healthcare budget, on the work place, and on one's personal well being. More than 12 million Americans are now known to have COPD, and many more have the "hidden" disease. COPD is the fifth leading cause of mortality in the US, and its economic burden is even higher.

The sooner COPD is diagnosed and treated, the better it is. Lives can be saved, jobs can be spared, and extra medical expenses avoided.

So, if you have shortness of breath, smoker or not, make sure COPD is not a factor. Don't delay, see your doctor, you won't regret it!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Think twice before indulging…

Are you planning to exercise away the extra calories of your next meal? Think again.

A typical McDonald double cheeseburger has approximately 440 calories. Add large French fries at 500 calories and you're at more than 900 calories (we won't count the soda because I know you chose the zero calorie one…).

If you weigh about 155 lbs (what used to be the typical adult male weight in the US), and you like to walk, you'll burn 76 calories for each mile.

So the meal you just had would cost you an 11.8 mile walk. No problem, it's still less than a half-marathon distance.

Incidentally, if you were to stop by the Cheese Factory for a cheese cake portion, that will only cost you an additional 9 miles.

Of course, you could do the un-American thing, and have a good portion of no-skin chicken and salad (you can even have a little oil and balsamic vinegar dressing) plus fruit, at less than 400 calories for the meal. Still hungry? Have an apple plus another fruit later.

Do the right thing, your body will thank you for it.

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