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House Calls Started This Year

House calls are meant for patients who are temporarily or permanently home bound, or for other good reasons can't make it into the office.

To schedule a house call: Tel (203) 853-1919; email

Friday, October 13, 2023

Thank you for your messages & Itinerary change

 To My Patients, 

Emailed 10/10/2023

In view of the horrendous, barbaric attack against Israel, which began on Saturday, 10/7/2023, we postponed our trip to Israel to a safer time. We will spend our planned time away from the office with our family in the US. 

We’ll be back in the office on Tuesday the 24th resuming our regular schedule. 

As usual, Janine will handle the phone, and I'll be able to receive email messages. If necessary, Janine knows how to find me, and Dr. Sarfraz will cover me in urgent cases. 

Sandy and I received numerous calls, emails and texts from patients and friends inquiring about our safety, and that of our family and friends in Israel. As of the time of this writing, everyone is OK and accounted for. Sandy and I thank you for your concern. 

Please give us a call at 203-853-1919 if you need an appointment, or if you have any questions. 

Stay well, 

Igal Staw, Ph.D., M.D.

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