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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Diabetes and memory loss – If I were a mouse…

In diabetics, blood sugar levels that are persistently high, low, or widely fluctuating are an indication that the diabetes is not under control. Diabetes, especially when uncontrolled, is a known cause of progressive memory loss. Besides making sure that your diabetes is under control, what else can you do to protect against memory loss?

Many of us drink coffee to feel more energetic, help us think more clearly,  or work more efficiently. But does regular coffee, or decaffeinated coffee help memory or prevent memory loss? 

Studies in specially bred mice, done several years ago, suggested very strongly that coffee enhanced memory. When mice drank the equivalent of five caffeinated cups of coffee a day over several weeks, their memory was far superior to those who drank plain water.

For those who think 5 cups of caffeinated coffee a day is too much, what about decaf?

A more recent study done on the same type of mice, showed similar results.

So what about man?

Several uncontrolled studies in man suggest that caffeine slows age-related memory loss. One study, done in Portugal, showed that people with Alzheimer’s had consumed less coffee than their non-Alzheimer counterparts.

So where do we go from here?

Meet you at Starbuck’s tomorrow morning, and bring your mouse with you.

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