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Friday, November 8, 2013

Curb Your Sweets

I need not tell you the dangers of dietary sweets/sugars, especially if you have, or are at risk for, diabetes. Here are some hints for curbing your sweet-craving:

  • Start the day with a balanced meal of protein, vegetables (yes, vegetables for breakfast) and complex carbohydrates. This will allow your blood sugar to rise slowly and gradually, as it should, and avoid a “sugar rush.”
  • Avoid eating “light bread” made of wheat flour, which is made of simple carbohydrates. Have whole wheat bread instead of light bread, sweetened crackers, white rice, or potatoes.
  • Incorporate into your meals complex carbohydrates: whole wheat products, corn, beans, peas, lentils, whole grain rice.
  • Try to eat something as frequently as every three hours, in order to not deplete your energy stores, and to avoid sugar craving. A piece of fruit or whole wheat cracker may do.
  • Get enough sleep. Tired bodies demand immediate energy in the form of simple carb’s.
  • Have some sun exposure. Avoid staying in dark environments most day (as you may do in the office). Lack of sun exposure causes a decrease in serum serotonin, which causes relative depression and an increase in sugar craving. A little bit of Chocolate (70% cocoa, please) will increase serotonin level, and may elevate the mood.
  • A boring lifestyle, associated with low serotonin, drives sweet craving. So keep busy. Exercise, yoga, or spending  quality time with someone will help a lot.
  • You don’t have to totally abstain from sweets. Have a measured amount of your favorite candy periodically – every day, two days, or a week. Don’t eat it all at once, leave some for tomorrow.
Have a great day, without the sweets...

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