House Calls

House Calls Started This Year

House calls are meant for patients who are temporarily or permanently home bound, or for other good reasons can't make it into the office.

To schedule a house call: Tel (203) 853-1919; email

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Corona Update - Virtual Visits are Working - emailed 3/23/2020

To My Patients, 

Hope you're well, keeping your distance, and avoiding contact with objects that could be contaminated by COVID 19. 

Staying at home can be so boring... 

Send me your ideas and pictures of the projects that keep you busy; with your permission, I'll share them with the rest of our patients! 

Telemedicine Is Here!
Virtual Office Visits via Video are Now Available
Just Call 203-853-1919 or email to Set Up an Appointment! 

We have minimized our office hours to the bare necessities, seeing some patients only when absolutely safe and necessary. 

All the rest is done on the phone (I actually use my iMac most of the time), using FaceTime for those who have an iPhone, and using Zoom (click here for the Android app) for those who have an Android-based phone. 

If you have an iPhone, there's nothing special for you to do, I just call you and turn on the FaceTime option. 

If you have an Android phone, please download the Zoom app. When I call you, you'll receive an email invitation on your phone to "join the meeting." Accept it by clicking the link on the email invite. It's easy! 

Please note: Insurance companies, including Medicare, will cover the cost of the telemedicine call; no copay. This will last at least until early May. 

Another note: You can now use telemedicine for any medical issue, not just Corona virus issues. 

Please continue to follow the general guidelines for corona precautions. But in addition, I urge you to get tested as soon as any symptoms appear, or if there's a suspicion of contact with an infected person or material. You may want to leave your mail or even grocery foods untouched in a safe place for two days before opening. Use gloves when necessary and change them frequently. 

Above all: follow your sense of best, safe behavior!!! 

Looking forward to seeing you in person, not just on the phone - as soon as the "storm is over." 

Igal Staw, Ph.D., M.D.
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