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Saturday, August 29, 2020

To My Patients

Emailed 7/19/2020

Hope all is safe and well.

COVID 19 is still with us; it has changed everyone's life, and I believe that it will continue to make a life-changing impact for years after its defeat.

It has also changed the way medicine is practiced throughout the US and the world and, of course, in our practice.

We have been doing telemedicine, or virtual office visits for close to 4 months, seeing non-COVID patients in the office as the need arose.

Beginning this Tuesday, July 14, we will begin to see patients on a more regular basis on Tuesdays, staying in the office as long as necessary. We may soon add another day. Janine will be with us during open days.

We expect that most visits will be for complete physical exams with emphasis on health maintenance and the reduction of health risks.

Needless to say, you always want to be is in the best health you can be, but especially so at the time of the pandemic.

To reduce your risk of COVID exposure, whenever possible we'll draw blood in the office; you will not have to go to the lab for blood testing.

At this time, we will not be able to see in our office patients suspected of active COVID 19 infection.

Safety above all. At appointment time, don't come directly to the office. Call us from the parking lot, to make sure that the exam room is ready for you. You'll be reminded to come through our back entrance, bypassing the waiting room and not contact with other patients. The number to call is 203-853-1919 (our regular office number).

Virtual visits will continue as before. They are by paid for by Medicare and commercial insurance (usually minus the copay and deductibles).

As of the time of this letter, telemedicine is expected to continue through September 2020.

Until I see you in the office or on the phone, keep a safe distance, stay safe and stay well!

Igal Staw, Ph.D., M.D.

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