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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

The terms overweight and obese often trigger anxiety and frustration. Weight is a part of our personal self image, and an integral part of our well being. When weight is not under control, distress occurs, and poor health may soon follow. Americans have begun placing a great deal of importance on the "ideal weight" and many have gone to extremes to achieve it.

 Our three decades of experience in weight management have shown that there is no single formula that fits everyone's needs. Weight loss programs have to be individualized; they must be designed to meet your individual needs. Genetics and personal habits must be taken into account in order to form a personal program that will help you achieve your desired goal.
We start our weight loss program with a thorough medical evaluation of your needs and your weight gain triggers. It includes a measurement of your daily caloric requirements and body fat analysis with the use of specialized equipment.

  Weight control is achieved through several methods, sometimes alone and often in combination, depending on your needs. A suitable program may include:

  • Ways to achieve portion control
  • Meal replacement options
  • Appetite suppression
  • Exercise capacity measurement and exercise prescription
  • Stress management
  • Chinese and herbal medicine methods

 Whether your reason is medical, cosmetic, or both, we can help you lose weight safely and maintain your weight loss over the long run!

  To find your Body Mass Index (BMI), look at the BMI calculator on the left hand column.

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